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I could see the Chiefs being forced to take a QB. Buffalo has all but said they will take a QB early, they didn't come out and say with their 1st, but they implied their time to draft a franchise QB is now. Arizona's QB situation is a mess. Henne didn't do horrible for the Jags, and they got Gabbert, they could possibly use Henne's play to justify waiting till the 2-3rd for a QB. Hopefully the Raiders take someone like Teo. The Browns don't have that much invested in Weeden, they are probably pissed they didn't package their 2x 1st rounders to get RG3. They took Richardson with their top pick, and he's not even having a season close to Doug Martin.

2-3 off the board would be great for us. Seems aside from the Eagles the teams who need an OT, also need a QB. Least we should see Lewan fall to us.
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