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Default Change the name to SoCal Chargers and they will come?!

I would really like to make a new thread, but I do not have enough posts. I am a LONG TIME Charger Fan from San Diego and was super bummed that they moved to LA like everyone else, but unlike most of my San Diego friends... I am still a HUGE FAN!!!

The Chargers are trying hard to get some of their San Diego fan base and I think I have a solution that will definitely help. Rename the team the "SoCal Chargers". It would include so many more potential fans. Most people don't want to root for an LA team because we don't live in LA, but a SoCal team is like the New England Patriots... it serves a much larger market. Yes... I am sure it would be a pain and expensive to change the name, but in the long run I think it would bring a HUGE FAN BASE to the Chargers and bring them in a ton more money. There is no way I would ever buy an LA Charger Jersey, but I would be first in line to buy a SoCal Charger Jersey. I am not sure who is in charge of this forum... but I think this topic needs its own thread and let the fans decide. I really think it would be a smart move for the Chargers and would give them a lot of great press. Change has to start somewhere... why not here?!
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