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Originally Posted by JoeMcRugby View Post
You have one of two choices in that situation:

(1) Upon the Steelers permission to "negotiate" prior to the trade, you pretty capitulate to whatever demands that Brown's agent makes (which will be top of the RB market aka Todd Gurley+ $$$) and then conclude the trade at the pre-permission Steelers draft pick agreement, or

(2) You trade a pick for the mere opportunity to negotiate where Brown & his agent says "Pass, I'll take my chances with the bidding among the 32" if you don't meet the agent's demands.

Option 1 might net the Steelers a 3rd round pick in the 2019 draft, but they must be willing to top Gurley's contract as Bell's agent isn't going to settle for less after sacrificing so much to reach UFA status. That's hard to do if you already have a franchise QB on their 2nd contract, so that limits the teams willing to take this route, and if they don't already have their franchise QB, are they going to be willing to fork over that cap space to a RB?

Option 2 will net a very low round pick at best because most teams who would be in this boat will wait until the Steelers inevitably let him walk in early March.

He's gone and the Steelers will net a 2020 supplemental 3rd round pick. Bank on it!

So proclaimeth the Emperor's attorney!!

Nobody is willing to trade for him, or offer big money to him.

Great player on the field, bad player for the roster. If I am the GM, I believe I can win a SB with a RB that plays nice, easy pass on Bell.
1909...the year excellence started.

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