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Originally Posted by frozendisc View Post
Look folks, I want the Bolts to win the Super Bowl, but if I can't express my thoughts on this board, why do we have it ? So we can suppress and defeat NHL Canadian Goalies. You don't have to work at NASA to figure that out. I don't think the roster is there yet, been saying it all season. I think they are two years opinion, not any of yours. And here we are playing in mid-January at the Patriots in the DIVISIONAL ROUND of the playoffs. What gives me the right to say that, or as has been said 'what are your credentials' for having such an opinion? I am part of a roster build, pro level. You haven't even BEEN to the Cup in 36 years. Rebuild ???? ? They built freaking Rome in less time !!! People fund their entire Social Security in that amount of time. Brother talkin' bout "Rebuild". Holy Cats and fish on Fridays !!!!!! No I am not making the decisions, and your organization thanks the hockey gods every day for that. but I am in the meetings, alternating between sipping Latte's and sleeping. hearing the honest, even brutal, evaluations of players by the team executives. Praying that your own evaluation isn't brought up. Then I get to sit and talk with the owner, he wants honest opinions, I am put on the spot a bunch. I wouldn't call rolling over to get your belly scratched "on the spot". Being late with the owners hot Latte delivery might be though. How much these conversations influence him I have no idea, Try 0-0 and see what that equals. but I give plenty of thought to how my words affect these kids and their dream of playing in the NHL. Translated: as long as I am getting a paycheck, these "kids" can fall though the ice for all I care. I think I have the 'credentials' to express my thoughts on a message board. Only because the check Freak sent Totally Bolted to ban you bounced. The BHC Superfund was misappropriated. By me.

Let's hope the Bolts get the bounces, stay healthy, and win the Super Bowl. I would love to see them exceed all expectations.....You would only "love" to be able to say I told you so. That they have come so far beyond your imagination scares the stick right out of your hand.
Good post. Glad I could clarify it. You are welcome.

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