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Default Lost password problems

From time to time I get hate mail from upset fans that canít login to the forums. One fan has sent me several emails asking why he canít login. Every email he has sent I have sent a response right back to him. Not once has he responded. Evidently communication from us is being either placed in is Spam folder or itís being blocked completely. Not one correspondence from this guy has he include any information (ie Name, username, old or former email address) to help me find his account. With little or no information I cant help you. I notice fans with Hotmail, MSN, or Yahoo email accounts appear to have the most problems, so I have come to the conclusion that these webmail providers are blocking legitimate emails.

If you lost your password or cant login... do one of the following:
* Email me at my webmaster account ( Give information so we can look up your account.

* Sign up for a new account. Notify a moderator that you want to merge your new account with the old account. Then you will get your history and old username back.
This is also a reminder, if you change your email address update your user profile otherwise you will run into problems if you forget your password.
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