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Originally Posted by nmboltsfan View Post
So statistics are only allowed to be discussed in the Fantasy Forum? How does that even make sense? Is it forbidden to talk about player stats and to mention that they contributed to a direct benefit to yourself?

This entire discussion came from some posters (including myself) mentioning that they were glad that Rivers and Woodhead had great statistical games that contributed to a fantasy win. Two Chargers.

That is completely absurd.

You are the first person that has ever called me liberal, and coming from a Californian it's even more curious, but hey, there you go. If thinking you should be allowed to discuss statistics of certain Chargers players in the "General Discussion" forum of the website, well alrighty then.

You still haven't cited how it's against the rules to talk about statistics or fantasy football in a General Discussion forum. Maybe we should move the OGDT and Post-Game threads to Around the NFL then because they reference other teams that aren't the Chargers (gasp!).

Fantasy Football IS about stats, if you don't know that then you just have a complete and fundamental misunderstanding of the thing you hold such disdain for.

all that was said was in the gameday thread and the post game thread people kept interjecting, well at least my fantasy team did well. Oh man, i just needed one more TD from X player and I wouldve at least won my fantasy week.

Oh yeah me too, dont bench rivers, i need him for fantasy.

oh man, gordon is benched, hes on my fantasy.

hey, at least i was smart enough to have cooper on my team going against flowers on my fantasy team.

it gets annoying, you know because no one cares about your fantasy team but you. You want to talk fantasy and how it relates to the game, do it in the fantasy forum. week 7 charger fantasy away. it gets tiring to look at from a non fantasy guy and even other fantasy guys, because like i said, no one else cares about your fantasy team and how well or poorly youre doing.
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