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Default Australian guy wanting to see first NFL game

Hi everyone.

I'll be in San Diego for Christmas/NYE and I want to get along and see the Raiders v Chargers. My girlfriend doesn't really want to come as she hates the Raiders and fans of the Raiders, doesn't want to be anywhere near them. So at this stage I might be flying solo or maybe as a couple

Trying to get a gauge on what kind of seats are worth buying. Are the 'view' level seats so high up so you can't actually see anything? I'm used to watching Australian football at a stadium that holds 100k people, as Qualcomm holds a 70k capacity it's probably a similar vibe. I'm assuming the view seats would be a bit 'nosebleed' type, too far away from the action. Obviously 'field' and 'plaza' seats are the way to go as they are the closest.

I've found some tickets available on a few sites, and Ticketmaster was coming up with no seats available. Being Australian, I have no idea which sites are legitimate or not.

Just trying to get some opinions on the best way to go about this without forking out several hundred dollars per ticket for a reasonable-ish seat.

Thanks in advance

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