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Originally Posted by brisbanecharger View Post
Antonio Brown or Demaryius Thomas? This has been bugging me all week. Brown had a ridiculous preseason and even with Wallace signing I still think he'll see a great deal of targets. Thomas has so many question marks I feel like he might morph into a giant '?' (which would obviously significantly impact his value). Will Manning be the Manning of old or will he be limited? If Manning is healthy (or healthy enough) how often will he target Thomas vs Decker? What type of receiver will Thomas be for Manning, a go-to guy or a big play guy?

I wish either receiver had a longer history to go on, cause all these questions are making my head sore.

Opinions please
Brown without even thinking about it. You need to wait on Thomas to see what he will do with manning. Thomas should be the TD guy whereas Decker will be more yards but right now Decker is being favored
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