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Old 05-16-2017, 01:59 PM
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Default Props to Spanos

Props to the Spanos family

Not a hot-take

For all the criticism they get (mostly deservedly), they also have shown some uncharacteristically bold backbone in simply GOING to LA when NOBODY wanted them to.
Dean, the NFL’s good solider, kept it cool in Houston and methodically went to work on the relocation.

Hell have no fury like a Spanos scorned.
Like Marty Schottenheimer said about being fired—something had to be done, and im glad Dean finally made a decision.
Spanos chose, and he chose to risk being public enemy number 1 in SD to make his money and whether or not you agree with that, as a business venture, you have to recognize fortitude THAT obvious.
Dean chose this route over tripping himself, apologizing to a san diego fan base that he could/would never win over. They chose being the rich bad guys in LA over the pushover mom&pop shop owners that never get respect, even if it were due.

And is anyone naïve enough to believe that the Spanos family would ever be accepted by the inner circle of league owners? Maras, Rooneys, Jerry Jones?
Imo, even if the spanos family did everything right, they wouldn’t be respected because they’re not REAL FOOTBALL PEOPLE—they’re outsiders
Spanos family are OBVIOUSLY not and have never been, “football-people”
That’s why they have to hire HELP to point them in the right direction, and they still got shafted by Ron Wolfe---WOLFE!
Are you kidding me? Now THAT dude needs to be held accountable for signing off on a Mike McCoy
I can understand Dean not being able to recognize a fraud, but RON WOLFE??

im not saying anyone should LIKE what the Spanos’ have done, but I am saying that if you’re a charger fan, you should ROOT for the Spanos to become better owners and support their efforts in making the Chargers brand one of the NFL’s most popular and powerful.
Now if the Spanos family can just get out of their own way, and allow football people run their franchise, I think they can do just that.
FWIW, im rooting for Spanos kids to find a way to bully our chargers into the elite status of the NFL
And if they need help, by all means, BUY ALL THE HELP YOU CAN AFFORD
Imo, the early signing of Mike Williams is likely evidence of LT’s influence.
And geez LT.
For a runningback that did everything ON the field, he’s now sticking his legacy on the line in an effort to lead the Chargers out of being an NFL punchline. As good as they paycheck is, I doubt many former HOFers would have the courage, confidence and ability to take on such as risky proposition.
LT said he needed only 500 SD Charger fans to remain loyal and build a fanbase.
He’s got one in me, and hopefully 499 more.
We’ll all be part of an LA CHARGERS DYNASTY after Rivers retires with 2 superbowl rings and become THE NFL team in LA

Who’s with me in supporting these clueless Spanos kids in building a winner??

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