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Old 11-06-2018, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by woodeye2000 View Post
I will concentrate of the last 10 minutes of the second quarter.
This is where the game was decided.

9:16 Rivers overthrows Gates on a 6 yard pass. This was Phil's one bad pass all day and it should have been intercepted. The score was 12-7 LAC at the time.

5:03 Screen to Ekeler. Incomplete. "Defensed" by Schofield. Get the hell out of the way !! Ekeler could have literally run for miles on this perfectly dialed up play.

4:57 Next play. MW dropped a dime from PR on a deep pass to the 15 yard line. This is exactly the type of play we need MW to make for us--contested passes downfield. It is impossible to defend this.

2:20 Offside MI anyhow. However, this was the signature play of our defensive/team culture so far this season, and we are growing weekly. A deep throw by Wilson. Derwin had an easy pick. Adrian Phillips "defensed" this one. Derwin and Adrian immediately looked at each other and joked. Team unity for the win. Big things are coming. Confidence is growing. JackBoyz are back, boys.

2:17 Next play. Desmond dropped a pick on a chance he would have liked to have back again.
Did not matter. SEA punted.

1:17 Slayer dropped one ! Did not matter.

1:10 Next play. TD MW. Yeah the heal was out at the 8.5 yard line. Did not matter. We would have scored on this drive anyway.

The Chargers were dominant here, just before halftime. KA was unstoppable in the Slot. This is our meal ticket. Sustain it better. MG/Ek. Screens. Run right. Run left. Jet sweeps to WRs. TW/MW outside. KA in the Slot. Daniel Jeremiah is so right. We have devastating balance on offense.

The defense is getting better game by game, as gusD acquires a feel for how to deploy ALL of his new/remerging toys. The DL is playing very well. Vs pass. Vs run.

Gimme just a little ST and we have a solid chance to go deep this year.
But. Of course. One game at a time. Be healthy.

ty...wood...the way Eye sees it.
Thanks for the break down.BUT i will say the play where Phillips tip it,Wilson knew he had a free play.
Anyhow a better pass rush will really go a long way to help are D.Insert Irvin and Bosa😉.
Offense needs to be better on third downs.They need to take the next step.
If we can add those two things we can compete with the top dogs.
We'll just leave special teams out for this convo.For now.
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Old 11-06-2018, 10:48 PM
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"2:20 Offside MI anyhow..."

The point was that Derwin and Adrian laughed about it.

Team defense.
Team chemistry.
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
LL Cool J
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Old 11-07-2018, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by SDCPB View Post
Did the holder get a grip on the snap?

Sure he botched the snap, but you can't say that the holder cause the kicker to miss the kick because... GASP.... HE DIDN"T KICK IT!

How about you show us videos of kicks that were missed and made and compare the holds for each one and then give us your expert analisis as to why it was Kaser's fault due to how he was inconsistently holding the ball when the kicker kicked it.

So ridiculous.
Firm believer in the BHC!

The star on my bag signifies a World Championship... it's coming boys! It's coming!

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