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Old 10-16-2004, 01:33 AM
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Default Australian Chargers fan here!

Originally posted by: DanLe22
Well first off gotta get this off my shoulder but i'm also a Jaguars fan. Also I got into NFL by playing the Madden series, how'd it all start? heres the ever so interesting story! I was in P.E Class and our teacher had to go somewhere that day so he left u with the movie "Remember The Titans" I saw 3/4 of it before it was lunch and I loved it, so a few days later I went to the video store and rented it, I saw they had madden 99 as well so I took that too. I started playing Madden 99 using the Raiders (stupid stupid me...) anyways at first I only did long throws because I sucked so much then after a while I lost interest and I went to a friends house and played madden 01 so after that I kept talking to my friends about it and they started liking it as well so I bought Madden 04 and my friends bought a ball so now we are always throwing the ball to each other, thats how I started liking NFL, oh and I've never liked Rugby..

umm go LaDainian Tomnilson!
Rock on! Welcome to the boards! Just curious if you are a Darren Bennet fan? (sorry I just had to ask)
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