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Old 03-16-2017, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by SDC-SBV-1D View Post
I too like my pro athletes to PLAY and not TALK
but I also recognize their right to voice out their opinions
and frankly, im identifying with their frustrations You love Krapernick kneeling during the national anthem. Check.
I actually like that both JV and JA have chosen to
respond and defend the Chargers organization even in the aftermath
of a move highly criticized by everyone Respond and defend by performing. We have Public Relations people for talky talk time.
I don't know if it helps/hurt in the end, but its a bold move
that could potentially inspire an attitude/culture change I already said nothing good will come of it. I say it yet again. Doubt me at your own peril.
my hope is that this inspires the "us against the world" tone
because it really is at this point.
whats the risk? fans have already chosen to watch you or hate-watch you.
some on-the-border fans will decide shortly, based on any number of things.
point is, we don't need them. Roger Goodell wants ALL revenue streams. Lovers and haters alike all spend green money.
play hard, win games, win fans.
and watch weddle and woodhead wither in Baltimore while hosting fan exchange rallys.Weddle can go fly a kite. I haven't seen Woodhead say anything. Did he ?
Emperor level response in red. Genius. Kneel. You know the drill.
Originally Posted by cthommes
Sure. AL has already sent his strong message about performance accountability (simulcast in Korean).
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