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Old 03-14-2017, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by JoeMcRugby View Post
And yet the Browns opened this 2017 league year with over $100 million in cap space. The Raiders were close to that number before the 2016 season, and the Jags this year before their recent spending spree. You need to spend a certain amount of the cap as measured over 4 years (I believe), and that required percentage isn't close to the team maximum cap.

My understanding is that there is a league-wide percentage-of-cap requirement each year per terms of the CBA, and that percentage has been easily satisfied by the majority of teams that spend close to the cap each season.

After letting Dunlap go, the Chargers have plenty of cap space. We'll see which free agents they target now that the initial league-wide blood-in-the-water spending frenzy has subsided.
Normally it wouldn't bother me that Okung is our only big splash.

Until I remember that Franklin was our only big splash recently...............
Originally Posted by cthommes
Sure. AL has already sent his strong message about performance accountability (simulcast in Korean).
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