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Old 12-20-2016, 06:32 PM
Oside89 Oside89 is offline
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Originally Posted by sdcat View Post
My good friend went to the game yesterday. I asked him about the Raider fans. He said that in his section, they behaved. He said there was some back and forth between team fans.

We had this discussion about how the Charger fans have sold their tickets. His point is that they do this to make money. I said I do not believe that is the reason. These people do not want to be subjected to the negativity brought on by the Raider fans.

So, rather than stay home and get nothing, they sell their tickets and recoup some of the price. Many were club seats which are quite costly.

I believe many Raider fans made the easy drive from LA. If they can go to 1 game a year, this is probably it.
When the Chargers are winning, our fans will be there. That is how it is in San Diego.

Now about the transplants. I am a transplant. But, I am a sincere Charger fan and wear the gear. If the Chicago Bears come here (my hometown), I wear Charger gear.

It's like a switch you throw in your head. You live in San Diego, why cheer for the Bears, or the Packers, or the Giants. If your city was so great where you left, why did you leave. It's time you grow up and cheer for San Diego. Otherwise, you are not completely part of this city, really.

I expressed this at a tailgate at the Q one time. People get very hostile.
The guy that sits behind me sold his tickets for $399 each. I understand why they sold
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Old 01-04-2017, 06:18 PM
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the raider game quandary is a bit of a downward spiral. i used to like going to the raider game, but the people around me would sell their tickets, leaving me surrounded by raider fans (usually rude raider fans). i would even ask them to sell the tickets to me, and i would bring more people, which did not work. in the end, i gave up and started selling.

this topic is like most others for a team that has a lot "fair weather" fans: if the chargers are a winning team, this will all take care of itself. if they are 5-11, get used to it.

calling it like i see it, season ticket holder since 2002. fan since 1979.
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