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Old 04-05-2017, 09:35 AM
lawman1007 lawman1007 is offline
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No. 2 is wrong. You are talking abouty 'L.A.' Tinsel-town. La-La Land. If it ain't broke, charge till it is! The stadium owner has Spanos over a barrel. Oh no, not the first year(assuming they probably have a multi-year deal(unless of course they went to a year to year which would be prohibitive)). Right about year 5 they re-negotiate at a higher price(more people bigger market more money) plus the fact you have some of the richest people in America one county over. Stadium owner is really in the drivers seat. They renegotiate, Spanos doesn't want to BOOM! Nowhere to play. Watcha gonna do? Go to Oakland? So if things go south what is Spanos gonna do? Go to Stockton?
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