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Old 11-22-2012, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by v-jaxdabeast View Post
I'm tired of people saying that we should have kept brees. In hindsight, yes we should have. But when you have a qb who has been decent his whole career and then had one good season with a serious shoulder injury versus a top-5 pick qb sitting on your bench, would you really give brees a big contract and not play rivers? There's a reason only 2 teams even had any interest in brees, and one(miami) ruled that his shoulder wasn't healthy enough to play in the future. Have AJ and Dean made many mistakes in the draft free agency etc.? Yes. But if you look at it at the time they made the decision, not all of them are terrible decisions. 75% of people here were happy that we got meachem/royal/johnson instead of v-jax, but now we criticize AJ for not paying him, as all three of those have not lived up to expectations. So please, stop looking at everything in hindsight and look at it based on the situation that the decision was made in.
You are correct that we were happy when we signed Meachem, Royal.
However at the time we were going through the VJ issue some if not many were saying that the situation was mis-handeled and guess what it was.
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