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Old 10-05-2004, 07:37 PM
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Default One time offer to all S.D. raider fans

Id like to officialy extend an offer and welcome all S.D. raider fans to a one time band wagon jump! A club sponsored Bon Fire expected to (last 3 days) will mark the beginning of the ceremony, so make sure you bring all your raider crap,small arms will be checked at the door. As we go to press the air quailty management board had yet to sign off on the event ,as the extreme toxiticity of the stench may float inland and remain for weeks. In the event this problem is not solved,the back up plan is to send all the jerseys to Iraqui refugees. Now you say raider fans cant be converted? You would rather just call in an air strike? Come now, have faith in your fellow NFL. Fan!!! My friend, remember to act soon the longer you wait the more expensive the jump becomes!!! If you act now I mean right now lots of Wagon space is still available, nice cushey fat seats, latter they will get more narrow and hard!!!..........AND LO THE MARTY OF SHOTTENHEIMER...... ALONG WITH FRIAR WADE SHALL LEAD US, INTO THE LAND OF 500 BALL!!!!!!!!! bolts rule baby!!! see ya sunday!!!
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