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Old 04-26-2018, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by woodeye2000 View Post
Separate the "who is better debate" from the idea of "do we want OBJ ?"

Hard pass. OBJ is supremely talented. He is too much in his behavior, and would blow up our cap health.

Tyrell is a good fit for the Chargers. He is improving. Hanging PR out to dry with surprise route running and half assed, alligator arm catches...this must stop.

YAC ? Inflated stats ? Does it only count as a negative in discussing TW? Yardage is yardage. OBJ has massive YAC too. TW catches bombs as well as crossing routes.
My thing was never did I say I want OBJ. My thing is who is the better football player. Throw out all the hiding behind character issues/contract etc. and just answer the simple question on the football field whoís better at football. But instead all the answers are ones that beat around the bush. Conversation and point Iím getting at was never about who the better fit for the Chargers is. But simply whoís the better football player. But yup, people donít wanna go there. Homer glasses everywhere.

Do i think OBJ will be worth his crazy $$$$ nope! Heck, I donít think Antonio Brown is worth his contract and heís the best WR imo. But whoís the better player between him and letís say Tyrell Williams from a football playing stand point? Brown every day of the week. And i say the same with OBJ. Why, because he simply is better at football. But people continue to hide behind contract numbers and point to that making OBJ less of a football player. Completely insane argument if you ask me. Thatís like saying because Aaron Rodgers wants a bigger contract heís not as good of a football player as QBs taking pay cuts to hold their teams together.

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