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Old 12-07-2004, 07:22 PM
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Default Hello I am a Broncos fan

Originally posted by: spicoli15
I am a charger fan since 1981 and I live in New York. I became one in that year when I witnessed the Dan Fouts and the chargers play in that epic game vs Miami (I was 9 yrs old at the time). I was also a big Karate buff and when I saw "Danielson" (the Karate kid part I) wearing a Chargers jersey in the movie.. well, lets say that sealed the deal. I agree with the appove, however, about not calling people idiots just cause they root for a different team. It's great to be loyal to a team and support them, but we also have to remember that we are all Americans and that we should live in a country were you can bring your children to a game without worrying about how other fans are going to behave.

I was at the 1995 Snowball game in Giant Stadium when the Chargers came back from a 17-3 deficient at halftime and beat the Giants 24-17. I had been pegged with iceballs for 3 quarters just for wearing a chargers jacket. I never said a word during the game and just wanted to see my team play, but by the 4th quarter had parts of my face swelling from the hits I took until a pack of Giant fans made a circle around me and got me out of there. After they left me near the exit and I thought I was safe... I was grabbed from behind by a fan and I ended up breaking hi nose and sending him to the hospital (I don't like to fight, but this was self-defense). I think its a shame that people pace all their happiness and discontent into what happens to a professional team on a given sunday, that wifes get baten on Super-Bowl sunday cause their husbands team lose and that kids have to hear adults at these games swearing and acting like fools. Being a fan should be something that complements your life, it shouldn't be what you place your greatest worth with. If it is, you are sure to eventually come out as a loser. So go bolts today, I will b standing in front of my satellitte TV and cheering for you on each play. Charger Fans, cheer for your team today and shake a bronocs fans hand during the game, because he/she is very similar to you.. an American that just wants to watch an American game

ya i remember that game. That was tough.
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