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Old Yesterday, 01:02 PM
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Crabtree isn't ready to take the starting job. He's a better run blocker (who isn't) and has the RT build, needs more experience. It could happen later.
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Old Yesterday, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Maniaque 5 View Post
Am I the only one to think Schofield can do a better job at RT than Bark?
Originally Posted by sdchrger View Post
Yes you are.
Originally Posted by SD SneakKing View Post
No you're not
Ok that's two of you. That chick with the Olympic Gold Medal in ice hockey makes three.
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Old Yesterday, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by crittydog View Post
Yep. Barking at Barksdale. Attacking the weakest and most valnerable of the o line group. It's animal instinct. Opposing edge rushers will be salivating when they see Barksdale. And Barksdale will flinch for false starts multiple times during the season.

Over/Under Barksdale has at least 5 false starts if he starts at least 10 games? What you got? Over or Under.

Who would I put there instead, the name is Lamp.
But, I would tell Crabtree & Scott they have a real opportunity to earn the spot.
While I’ve been a proponent for upgrading our OT position, Barks as the main concern, we didn’t address via draft or FA. Our UDFA/depth players should be given every opportunity to supplant him but Barks had been dealing with a serious mental illness which now seems to be under much more control. His athleticism has never been an issue so with his improved mental state this should translate into improved play. If he has a solid middle of the pack, healthy season then we will be golden!
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