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Originally Posted by sonorajim View Post
Maybe it's worth discussing what you mean by "Talent". Football players are measured at the combine for upper body strength, explosion, foot speed. Athletic measurables count but are not the definition. Game production is a good measure as long as you understand what they are asked to do and how well they are doing it. Of course opposition and level of teammate help have to be factored in. Intelligence counts. They have to grasp the intricacies and details of what is being coached and that which makes them better. Bosa is a great example of talent. He's physically gifted but most of all it's his mental approach to positioning, leverage, foot and hand use. That and he's intensely dedicated, will not quit, always strives to improve. Attitude combined with intelligence maximizes his gifts.
Pretty much all our OL have the physical raw material in terms of frame & muscle. Next, in no particular order, I'd look for the quick twitch skills with hands & feet in the small area.
Intelligence - grasp the scheme responsibilities, be able to process changing data on the fly. Commitment and attitude- play for your brother OL, play with a nasty edge, play to the whistle, +.
What else?

I would assume every player at the top level has, to some degree, everything you have listed. In Ice Hockey, the players I have watched that are elite, all seem to have a knack for making the correct decision at critical times. The best at this that I have ever personally seen is Sid Crosby.....he just seems to always make the correct decision, and it has been that way his entire career. Can't teach it, or coach it, into a player. So that would be something I would look for when reviewing a players video.
1909...the year excellence started.

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