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Old 01-07-2008, 04:41 PM
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Default Chargers as Favorites and Underdogs - 06 vs. 07

I haven't a shadow of a doubt that the Chargers' present status as major underdogs will serve the team well. Nothing like being doubted to raise the spirits. And what a ride these last two years have been for team and fans. Consider the huge swings in expectations that the Chargers have experienced "within" each season.

2006 Season: Many to most predicated the Broncos as AFC West champs before the season started. The bolts had a new QB and a team with holes on defense and at receiver. Three quarters of the way through a 14-2 season, however, the Chargers were either superbowl favorites or runner's up.

2007 Season: Very much the opposite. Bolts go into the season as a playoff lock and--aside from doubts regarding a change in coaching--were seen as potential SB contenders. Midway through a rocky season, suddenly they are busts. And even though they are riding a seven game winning streak into the playoffs, the experts now see their carpet ride at an end.

The "underdog tag" going into indy will motivate this team like we haven't seen in a long time.
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Old 01-07-2008, 10:39 PM
Aussie Bolt
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I agree Blackwater

There are a few things that make me positive.
- I just love to beat Denver and that is twice this year. We're there and they aren't.
- the smashing of the Lions showed what we really can do.
- timing and confidence is everything. We are winning at the right time and that is preferable to going 12-0 and dropping the last 4.

As for betting, nothing is better than picking up a SB dividend of $34 (33-1) 6 weeks ago when you have faith. I hate backing when a short priced favorite and $4 this weekend is way over how much shorter I believe we really should be.

I know we weren't convincing and admit to being very stressed watching the Titan game. This week it is grass and we will have taken a lot of lessons in managing a good defense from the Titans game, and the OGs and OTs will have felt the pressure and will be better for it. The Colts have been impressive but a last game loss and an extra week off isn't going to make it easy for them.
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