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Old 11-08-2018, 10:37 PM
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Default Pittsburgh-Panters game. The officiating

1: That touchdown in the endzone to the TE who is clearly not in control of the ball before he lands out of bounds. The ball clearly was moving in his hands before he went out of the endzone. By definition, that is not being in full control of the ball.

2: Then later on, that pass to Pittsburgh's tight end for a first down. The officials chose not to even review the spot (replay showed he clearly did not make it) and Pittsburgh was allowed to line up and continue, first and ten.

I bet the referee review board takes a hard look at those two plays. You don't get to be a ref at the Super Bowl if you ref that badly.

Additionally, why didn't Rivera toss a flag challenging that spot as being a first down? He must have seen that play on the jumbo tron like we all did.

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